Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lunar Mare

It doesn't take a rocket scientist (sorry, Stiff) to notice that I like a good Aviation now and again. So far, the Lounge only has one drink that has multiple versions listed and that is the aforesaid Aviation. The main problem, however, with the Aviation is that it is often too sour in its classic form, so I decided to manipulate the proportions a bit and add chocolate. The result is a sweeter, deeper version of its cousin; if you add grapefruit instead of the lemon, you have a more sophisticated version of the 1969 Moonwalk. In that vein, then, we decided to call this drink the Lunar Mare.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rum and Amari

We were rum-bombed by Stiff for Winterfest XIX, so we thought we'd pour an initial duo of these rums mixed with the high-class amari that we will also feature at the party. Since these drinks were created while watching jousting, we named them for warriors of the past and their fields of battle.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Jersey Darkling

At the end of the Christmas Carol, a reclaimed Scrooge tells Bob Cratchit that he would talk about raising his wage over a bowl of hot bishop. What the hell is bishop? Well, according to master bartender Jerry Thomas, it involves port, an orange, and an open fire. Frankly, too tedious. It wasn't until I came upon a modernization of it from the experts from New York's Employees Only bar that I would try to make it myself. Let me recount it here from their great book Speakeasy (try it, then buy the book).