Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Forester's American Whiskey Punch

Christmas is a special time here in the Firewater Lounge. It would be safe to say that the best drinks that we have poured have their genesis in the holidays. These drinks are not just good, they have history, their creation requires attention and reflection, and they are attached to the memories of the ones we love. This year we are remembering Cindy’s cousin Mike’s grandpa. As I knew him, John Callaghan Sr. never went anywhere without a smile, ribbing anyone within earshot about anything he could think of. When he passed away, we asked to picture some of his drinkware in the Lounge.

What we choose to shoot was a monogrammed bowl and glass set, bedecked with a whimsical man with top hat askew, betraying a bit of tipsiness from the night’s frivolities. We asked Mike what his grandpa liked to drink and he said, ‘Old Fitzgerald.’

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Winter's Ghost

A lot of people will be really happy to see 2016 end. For many, they can’t stand the negativity in local and national politics. For us, though, 2016 has been hard because of all the people that left us too soon like Prince, Rickman, Bowie, Cole, Yelchin, Cohen, Ali, Wilder and many others. The bartending world lost a young talent as well- Robert J. Cooper. You may not know the name, but if you spent any time in the Firewater Lounge (and Lord knows, most of you have), chances are good that you tasted his mighty contribution to the world of spirits.