Thursday, May 26, 2011

Holly's Blueberry Spice Syrup

For all the teetotalers out there, we thought that we'd throw you a bone and give you a recipe that you can mix with citrus, 7up, or even pancakes. It's my very own Blueberry Spice Syrup and here's how to make it...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Garnishes! (and an original recipe)

Since we gave you the metallic gold of the Gold Star, let's introduce you to a second Parfait Amour pour. It's called the Nightfall on the Lake and it is one of the most asked about originals we've ever poured. The Nightfall is a true cocktail, meaning that it contains bitters. It is the bitters that silver the Parfait for a unique color. In addition, we use fennel fronds to complete its attention-grabbing appearance. I am not a garnish nazi. I believe in the maxim that all a garnish can offer should be offered, including its sight, smell, and taste.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Classic Pours: Songbird

The Tantris Sidecar reminded me that I haven't poured one of the classics in a while; the tested and true standbys of our grandfathers' days. It would be remiss of me, though, to go without acknowledging some of the classic pours already at the Lounge, so that you can have a head start in enjoying some of these favorites right away as we add more - they include the Aviation, the Filmograph, the Grasshopper, the Honeymoon, the Imperial Fizz, the Monkey Gland, and the Curled Satan's Whiskers.