Thursday, July 19, 2012

Straub's Classics

Bull Pup Cooler
 Jacques Straub had six years to live after publishing his classic cocktail book 'Drinks' in 1914. A wine steward at the Pendennis Club in Louisville and later at the Blackstone in Chicago, Straub was considered one of the foremost wine experts in the world. His tome, 'Drinks' bears this out, devoting the first 15 pages to wine and cocktail service, which is pretty unique for its time. The crazy thing is that even though the last 3/4 of 'Drinks' is the first recorded example of quick reference cocktail manual, Straub didn't like to drink. But this teetotaling drinkmaster has some stuff for the rest of us to try...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cincinnati Cocktail

Heat Indices into the 100s. Wow. It's hot. So everyone knows that the cocktails go in trade of beer. Ice cold and smooth. Here at the Firewater Lounge, we like our beers too (and plan on drinking them with you all a bit later in a post), but we also have a new find too - Maine Root Ginger Brew, some of the spiciest and tastiest ginger beers on the market. Maybe M.R. can tell you, the Louisiana way to beat the heat is to ingest some of the hottest gumbo/jambalaya/creole-whatever. So let's grab the coldest beer and the spiciest ginger brew we can find and put them together.