Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cincinnati Cocktail

Heat Indices into the 100s. Wow. It's hot. So everyone knows that the cocktails go in trade of beer. Ice cold and smooth. Here at the Firewater Lounge, we like our beers too (and plan on drinking them with you all a bit later in a post), but we also have a new find too - Maine Root Ginger Brew, some of the spiciest and tastiest ginger beers on the market. Maybe M.R. can tell you, the Louisiana way to beat the heat is to ingest some of the hottest gumbo/jambalaya/creole-whatever. So let's grab the coldest beer and the spiciest ginger brew we can find and put them together.
I grabbed a cold St. Croix Maple Ale from St. Paul, Minnesota. This ale is part way between an American pale ale and a lager; smooth and similar to a low hoppy brown ale. It has a great mahogany color. To this I added the Maine Root. Believe it or not, it has a name that goes back to the 1800s.

Cincinnati Cocktail
Classic Pour Series

1/2 part good, full-flavored microbrew
1/2 part good, spicy ginger beer (use Maine Root)

Forget Shandies, make this yourself and control the ingredients. Do not use Miller Lite for this, you might die (or want to).

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