Thursday, May 13, 2010

Essential Liquor #12

#12) Coconut Rum - We have a large selection of coconut rum here at the Firewater Lounge from the ubiquitous Malibu to Cruzan to Parrot Bay. But one of our favorites is Whalers. In the summer, we typically go through a couple of bottles of Whalers; I guess you could call it our wine. Whalers, however, is too sweet for you to have has your mixing coconut rum, so choose from one of the three aforementioned.

Let's give you a Lounge original for coconut rum. Some backstory first. Cindy and I took the kids to the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison this spring. As we went through the children's section, we saw a cockatoo with a chicken leg in one of his claws. A chicken leg! And he was gnawing on it, Hannibal Lector-style! Oh, it was all kinds of sick and wrong. And it got me thinking (no, there is no chicken stock coming your way)...

Cannibal Parrot

2 ounces Parrot Bay coconut rum
1/2 ounce of blood orange (Moro/Sanguinello) juice
1/2 ounce of mango juice
3 ounces of pina colada mix
Dash of Benedictine

For the one pictured, we used the new Skyy liquor X-Rated in place of the two juices. Don't leave out the Benedictine if you use X-Rated, otherwise you'll get gut rot.

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