Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Stiff and Roghers were pondering a Fourth of July drink in pousse café-style (layered aperitif). We thought we'd oblige and though we know these gents know how to layer drinks, maybe others don't, so here is a primer for everyone. We acknowledge that this is super sweet, but the liquids here are cheap enough to practice your layering skills...

Stars and Stripes

1 tablespoon grenadine
1 tablespoon heavy cream (or Bailey's Irish Cream)
1 tablespoon blue curaçao

Find a pousse café or shot glass. Pour the grenadine into the glass. Pour the cream into a tablespoon. With your other hand, take a bar spoon and hold it against the glass just inside the lip, with the back of the bar spoon facing up. Slowly pour the cream from the tablespoon onto the back of the bar spoon so that the cream slides down the inside of the glass (I just make contact with the tablespoon and the bar spoon). The cream should form a second layer on the grenadine. Do the same procedure for the blue curaçao. Drink before it gets chunky.

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