Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cream Soda - Drinking Notes

The Hollenberger’s favorite pop, cream soda, never lasted very long in the domain. My sister and I love it, but we’d also have to fight Dad for them. The very first bottle of liquor I ever bought was Bacardi 151 (yikes, I know) which obviously needed to be mixed. I had an idea of what it would taste like, so I picked up some A&W cream soda as a mixer knowing that I’d drink the A&W regardless. I actually made my first drink that night; a cloying concoction of cream soda, peppermint schnapps and 151 named ‘cream silk’ because it hid the 151 burn quite well.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Milwaukee, May 2014 Part 3

In the last post, we promised the conclusion of our Milwaukee trip and left you at the bourbon bar Distil with their signature version of the classic Old Fashioned. After Cindy and I finished our drinks at Distil, we traveled down to the riverwalk to take in the last of the patio nightlife. Still thirsty, we wandered down to Rock Bottom Brewery to grab some suds. Cindy was content to skip the beer, but I partook in the libations of the establishment by ordering a Naughty Scot Scottish Ale. This ale comes from the tap colored in a deep, dark mahogany with a bit of a head which leaves pleasing lacing throughout the drinking experience. Not really one for the hops lover, this ale is all malt and sweetness, mainly coming in the form of caramel, honey, and sugared nuts.