Saturday, February 7, 2015

Forbidden Secret

The last original cocktail that we put up in on the blog was a pre-winter cream cocktail, the Butterscotch and Cream. Now that it’s mid-winter, we will add another cream cocktail; however, we’re going to hold off on the Bailey’s. Actually, here in the Firewater Lounge, we’ve held off on the Bailey’s for a while now. Why? Well, the traditional Irish cream is a flexible mainstay, one of the 30 Essentials, and likely in the fridge for Winterfest XXII, but, quite frankly, Bailey’s is not alone at the top of the cream liquors anymore.
If you are looking for more of a straight sweet cream, we love Wisconsin’s own Nordic Distillers offering, Kringle Cream. Kringle is probably best described as maple buttercream frosting milk, but not as sweet as that connotes. It can take the place of Bailey’s in nearly anything except the classic drinks like the White Russian.

If you are looking for a bit of chocolate to add to the cream for dessert-style cocktails, we would
suggest Forbidden Secret. Made from a mix of cream from Galloway Dairy in Neenah, Jailers Tennessee Whiskey, and a blend of dark chocolate and espresso concocted by retired Woodford master distiller David Scheurich, Forbidden Secret is simply gorgeous straight from the bottle over ice. It is not hard to express its taste; a mixture of corn from the whiskey, silky milk fat from the cream, and a marked chocolate attack throughout- you are drinking the equivalent of a liquefied bottom of a traditional chocolate ice cream cone. And its really damn good. But since it’s winter, we’d suggest you emphasize its coffee angles in the simplest way possible.

Forbidden Coffee
Holly's Originals

8 ounces of near boiling coffee of your choice
2 ounces of Forbidden Secret

Get a mug. Get coffee. Get Forbidden. Put them together and relax.

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  1. PS - thanks to our 6 yr old for the use of his new Hot Chocolate mug.