Thursday, April 16, 2015

Karben4 Block Party

Finally Karben4 has a second beer in a bottle. The best young Madison brewery has been wowing restaurant goers for a couple of years now with its little beauties like Lady Luck and NightCall on tap but had resisted bottling until last years offering Fantasy Factory IPA. While Fantasy Factory is good, we at the Firewater Lounge had been waiting for what Karben4 is known for: a big malted draught. Look no further because Block Party is here (although you may have to wait a bit since we took the last six-pack from Woodman’s and left a huge hole in the rack labelled ‘Karben4’).

Block Party is a medium-bodied American Amber Ale. It pours out a hazy, dark amber-red with a finger-and-a-half head that dies quickly. It smells full of bread with hops underneath with a bit of citrus. Drinking Block Party is easy. Smooth and clean, less hoppy than even its muted aroma, this beer is all about biscuity malts and a tint of floral citrus. On hot days, you’ll drink a growler in no time and look for more. It’s wonderful clean flavor makes it a great partner to food, but not cocktails, since it would become lost quickly. Our recommendation is to enjoy it with pretzels, pizza, and tacos.

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