Wednesday, July 13, 2016


“Whaddya have?” The question sometimes still blindsides us. You’ve just walked into a bar that’s not busy or a server is already at your table and you haven’t had time to think of a drink yet. The pressure is on! Most of us Wisconsinites have a go-to one-to-one (a drink that is part one thing and one part another) that we order in this situation; for most of us, it’s the same drink time after time. Now, if you are a fan of the FWL, given the thousands of known and yet-to-be-discovered cocktails, you’ll know we hate, hate, hate ordering the same damn drink over and over again. So, to alleviate the stress of ordering that first rushed one-to-one (or simple two ingredient cocktail), keep this standard guide in your smartphone’s quick reference.

If you are at a…
Supper club for breakfast:
     A Comfort OJ (orange juice-Southern Comfort, iced 3-to-1)
Fancy restaurant for breakfast:
     A Garibaldi (orange juice-Campari, iced 3-to-1)
Supper club for brunch:
     A Buck’s Fizz (Champagne-orange juice, chilled, up, 2-to-1)
Fancy restaurant for brunch:
     A Bellini (Champagne-peach puree, chilled, up 3-to-2)
Supper club for lunch:
     A Gin and Tonic (tonic-gin, iced 2-to-1)
Fancy restaurant for lunch:
     A Martini (gin-vermouth, chilled, up 2-to-1)
Supper club for dinner:
     A 7&7 (Seagram’s Seven Crown-7up, iced 1-to-1)
Fancy restaurant for dinner:
     Averna and Rye (whiskey-amaro, chilled, up 2-to-1)
Supper club after dinner:
     A B&B (brandy-Benedictine, up 1-to-1)
Fancy restaurant after dinner:
     A Black Russian (Kahlua-Vodka, iced 2-to-1)
Tiki bar:
     A Dark and Stormy (pictured) (dark rum-Gosling’s Black Seal, iced 1-to-1)
     A Vodka Cranberry (vodka-cranberry, chilled, up 1-to-1)
     A Bloody Beer (lager-tomato juice, iced 2-to-1)
Tapas bar:
     A Kalimotxo (dry red wine-Coca Cola, iced 1-to-1)
Hipster bar:
     A Black and Tan (Stout and Pabst, chilled, up 1-to-1)
Dive bar:
     A Jack and Coke (Jack Daniel’s-Coca Cola, iced 2-to-1)
Biker/metal bar:
     A Black Tooth Grin (Crown Royal-Coca Cola, up 4-to-1)
Golf course clubhouse:
     An Arnold Palmer (iced tea (vodka)-lemonade, iced 1-to-1)
Irish pub:
     A Whiskey Ginger (Jameson-ginger beer, iced 1-to-1)
Beach resort:
     A Paloma (grapefruit soda-Tequila, iced 2-to-1)
Cigar bar:
     A Rusty Nail (scotch-Drambuie, up 2-to-1)

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