Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dallas, Part 2

Last time we left you, the boys (Aaron and M.J.) and I were thirsty and looking for a drink. Surprise! We drove back into uptown Dallas in search of the cocktail bar Parliament and found it buried in various townhouse-like apartments and scattered classy eateries, mostly still relatively active given the growing late hour.

The lounge was small and dark, with smartly-dressed clientele noisily tipping back swanky cocktails made from a myriad of homemade mixes, infusions, and other concoctions lining the inner ring of a horseshoe-shaped bar that dominated the center of the establishment. At first, we were a bit apprehensive in our Wisconsin gear which had already soaked up its share of the delicate bouquet of AT&T Stadium sweat, nachos, and Miller Lite. That apprehension immediately evaporated when another random drunken ‘Sconnie identified us as likely kin and started yapping our ears off about how great his cocktail was

We moved on past him to the bar to grab a nightcap and was handed a thick drink menu that included classic newspaper articles, provocative absinthe fairy girls, and detailed cocktail lore along with their signature drinks. I tried to order, but the language barrier and bar noise made things difficult between me and the Latino barman. Eventually, I had a nightcap in hand, so full of infusions, it would be challenging for even the Firewater Lounge to pour. If you want to try, here is the drink recreated as best as I can remember...

Drink: The Inconceivable
Establishment: Parliament
Location: Dallas, Texas
First Connoisseur: Holly

2 ounces High West silver whiskey, infused with apple blossom tea
1 ounce vermouth, infused with bay leaf
½ ounce ginger-thyme maraschino

Build all ingredients in a rocks glass filled with watermelon ice. I know, what a pain. The 15 hour trip to Dallas might be easier!

Instead of The Inconceivable, maybe an another drink might be a bit more doable for the Lounge Lizards, yet keep Parliament’s near-unapproachable swank (i.e. it’s still two drinks down on Parliament’s menu under The Inconceivable).

Drink: Dr. Feelgood
Establishment: Parliament

Location: Dallas, Texas

2 ounces gin (Parliament uses Waterloo Antique)
1 ounce of Averna amaro
¼ ounce Mexican Angostura (you can sub Angostura bitters)
Dash of vanilla

Stir all ingredients on ice in a stirring vessel until chilled. Strain into a coupe and enjoy. I’m not sure what Parliament garnishes this cocktail with, but I like a swath of lemon (pictured).

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