Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Essential Liquor #6

#6) Blue Curacao - Pronounced cure-a-so, this sugary orange flavored liqueur should be chosen, not by brand, but by color.

We, at the Firewater Lounge, don’t recommend a high-class bottle since this will likely be mixed with two or more other liquids. DeKuyper will do here, so that you can save your money for scotch!

To demonstrate the use of color in a cocktail, look no farther than The Lance Romance. If we wanted a drink to tribute our past lost loves, for most of us guys, the toast would go out to a certain green 1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88. Full of the power and verve of its namesake, this drink, if poured precisely, will take on her hue as well.

The Lance Romance

3 ounces Ketel One Citroen
3 ounces of Red Bull energy drink
¼ tsp of Blue Curacao
Stir gently on the rocks.


  1. Beautiful! It's just missing a certain keyed trunk lid disposition, I believe it was right of the keyhole towards the edge of the trunk deck? Maybe the flaming Red Bomb recipe will follow (ala the 4 dr Red Oldsmobile that was destroyed in a rock quarry)

  2. What am I babbling about? Can you make sense of this? Delete away Holly. Lol, my affinity for The Affinity was great last night

  3. It's ok...I understood it. We are working on a 'Red Bomb' recipe!

  4. Made my first Lance Romance a minute ago! Color may have been off. I remember her being a little more green. I used none other than Senior Curacao's blue curacao which I picked up on the island of Curacao 2 1/2 years ago. It's the real deal. Pictures posted on FB.

  5. I think what I really meant is that the Lance Romance has no garnish. It's just missing something, like a statement piece...

  6. The curacao needs to be adjusted by its depth of color. It's the fun part! I went by 1/8ths until I got there. As for garnish, none of the classics really apply...suggestion?

  7. I've got the garnish figured out. It's not very food safe, but you need an old Oldsmobile key chain dangling over the side

  8. Here is how I drink Blue Curacao

    Blue Lagoon-
    3 Cups Blue Curacao
    3 Cups Vodka
    1.5 Cups bar syrup
    1.5 Cup fresh lime juice
    6 Cups pineapple juice

    Shake together in a gallon jug chill and enjoy these taste best in Jamaica I have learned but are pretty good on a hot summer day too. I have been known to drink the last few swallows right out of the jug. :) I never mix them by the glass... a waste of time!