Thursday, April 15, 2010

Essential Liquor #8

#8) Disaronno Amaretto- If you plan to entertain women, Disaronno needs to be in the bar. The sweet palate of almond lends itself to all kinds of wonderful concoctions- including the Firewater Lounge classic Pineapple Bomb. Disaronno might be a bit pricey for Joe, but the ladies are worth it. If you Mohawk it, you’ll taste nothing but simple sugar, which you can make from sugar and water for pennies.

Instead of a ladies drink, let’s push Disaronno’s borders to scotch. The Macbeth has everything that a great drink needs- a great name, great color, and great taste. Here we used The Glenlivet for its taste and for the color of its bottle. No smoke in the Macbeth please! Peatiness adds interest here and removes some sweetness. I like The Glenlivet for its neutral character in the drink and would add a lemon garnish for nose.


1 ounce of scotch
½ ounce of blue curacao
½ ounce of Disaronno
1 ounce of sour

Shake on ice.


  1. Any recommendations as an alternative to Glenlivet 12?

  2. Well, I went with Bowmore Legend for the peat. It does add a very interesting tone. But the Bowmore also has a bit of smoke, which I would say distracts from the orange of the curacao. Oh well, we'll try again. I might be hard pressed to find a neutral scotch in my collection. The Stoeffler's like everything big and bold I'm afraid

  3. Oh, yeah, stay off your Islay stuff- No Bowmore or Caol Ila... Try a clean Speyside like 12 year Knockando or Auchentoshan, 10 year (good price), or Royal Lochnagar, 12 (Eastern Highland). Try a Glen Grant 5 or 10 year, never had it, but supposedly its pretty clean and then super dry (it's also a Speyside).

  4. My tasting notes for Glenkinchie, 10 year might be interesting for you- spicy nose, medium weight, spicy on the tongue and a caramel note, with a dry finish and mouth feel... If you're going for the scotch's length (to make the Macbeth more 'Mac' than 'Beth'), do the Lochnagar...

  5. Just looked through my scotch collection. Never really paid much attention, but everything I have is either Islay or Highland. I'll have to take your suggestion and get a Speyside