Friday, July 30, 2010

Essential Liquor #19

#19) Crème de Cacao - Like curaçao, this is a liqueur whose name gets totally butchered. Two pronunciations are correct. The first pronunciation is the one tosses around here at the Firewater Lounge, phonetically ca-cow. The other is a bit more classy, phonetically ca-kay-o. Likely you will hear, "Grab me the bottle of chocolate" as often as anything.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Essential Liquor #18

#18 Coffee Liqueur - Like vodka (and unlike other liqueurs), coffee liqueur comes in a variety of brands, sweetness, and textures. The Firewater Lounge has stocked several tasty ones including the smooth-textured Kahlua, the affordable Kamora, the bitter Starbucks, the lighter Tia Maria, and the overproof Sabra. Obviously, Joe's choice would have to be the sweet and versatile Kamora, a mainstay at the Lounge since 1995.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Essential Liquor #17

#17) Stoli Vodka - Of course we have a grand selection of vodka brands to chose from for our common Joe, from Smirnoff to Vox to Skyy to Absolut to Grey Goose to Belvedere and countless others, we picked Stolichnaya for its clean taste and affordable price. Tastes and price vary, of course, so find your favorite and buy it.