Thursday, November 13, 2014

Texas Beers - Drinking Notes

This summer we went south. That we would bring back liquid treats was a given. And with stops in
Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, we ended up with a lot of treats! To start with, let's expose you to two of the tastier beers we came across in Texas. First up is Real Ale Brewing's Devil's Backbone Belgian-style tripel from Blanco, Texas.

When poured, the ale produces a medium head, long-lasting lacing, and a pleasant golden hue. I've been moving away from Belgians as of late because of their sourness and often off-putting aroma, but Devil's Backbone is the exception. Czech Saaz hops and Belgian yeast along with Real Ale's in-house candi sugar give this brew a wickedly unique flavor and aroma. The hops are completely tamed by the sugars; the yeast smells are controlled by a slightly smoked quality. All equates to an ale that screams to be drank with tomatoes. This ale rocks with chili, pizza, and meatball sandwiches. If I liked tomato juice, I'd try it with a classic Red Eye (recipe below). Drink a sixer with caution, though, because the Devil's Backbone measures a whopping 8.1% ABV.

Our second round of suds is from San Antonio's Alamo Beer Company, but distributed by Real Ale Brewing. It is Alamo's namesake beer - Alamo Golden Ale. The pour is low on carbonation and doesn't retain a head or lacing. It's really a standard 5% malty offering, low in hops but subtly satisfying. For many of our boys who drink domestic after domestic, Alamo is a craft beer they can dive into. It's not going to knock your socks off, but you can drink them over and over without a care because they're good and that's good enough.

We'll leave you with one of my dad's favorite brunch drinks, which he probably used Old Style in, but try the Belgian for something more tangy. In some parts of the U.S. it's known as the Red Rooster, but here in Wisconsin it's called a Red Eye at brunch and Bloody Beer at all other times.

Red Eye
Drinking Notes / Classic

4 ounces tomato juice
1 12 ounce beer (we suggest Real Ale's Devil's Backbone)
Celery salt to taste

Combine all ingredients in an iced vessel of your choice. Savor.

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