Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!

The Holiday Season is hear, and the household elves have been busy with simple syrups, writing recipes and brewing hot buttered rum. The halls are decked and the tree is lit. In the middle of all that, the elves were able to find a little extra time to help us prepare a gift for you.

Please enjoy this 2012 calendar, featuring twelve different cocktails, all of which have been featured on this blog. Each month is 4x6" in size. Perfect for bulletin boards, refrigerators, or in a small photo frame near your computer... a reminder to work hard now, in order have plenty of time to play over the weekend. Just print each as you would any photograph, and enjoy.

Click here to download your 2012 calendar. We hope for a Very Happy Holiday Season for everyone! Drink well and be merry.

Merry Christmas!

Jason and Cindy

PS - Many thanks to Isabelle Lafrance Photography for the lovely templates.

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